State & Federal Tax Controversies

State & Federal Tax Controversies
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The Law Offices of Matthew W. Stanley provides full service representation appropriate to addressing civil or criminal allegations by the IRS and various state tax agencies. The tax procedures at both levels may begin with a civil tax audit or a criminal tax investigation. Depending on how critical the given situation may be, it is important for many taxpayers to involve counsel as early in the process as possible. In fact, the most damaging information is usually provided by the taxpayer when questioned alone by a tax agency. Also, taxpayers have many options in structuring an audit to suit his or her needs, rather than the agency's. Taxpayers need a champion to protect their rights. During an audit, or during the pre-audit planning stages, gaining early access to an auditor's or investigator's manager may prove very helpful. 

At the conclusion of a civil audit resulting in assertions of additional tax, a taxpayer normally has the option to discuss the audit with audit managers, or to appeal the audit results to the local IRS Appeals office. That office has jurisdiction to settle most tax issues. As tax counsel, we are experienced with these procedures and their requirements. 

Absent settlement regarding civil tax adjustments, the IRS will normally issue a Notice of Deficiency. This Notice gives a taxpayer the option of filing a Petition with the U.S. Tax Court, or paying the tax and seeking a refund by filing first an administrative refund claim with the IRS and, if necessary, a refund suit with the local federal district court or with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims located in Washington, D.C. Choices of trial venue involve legal and other choices that strongly suggest need for the advice of an experienced tax litigator like Matt Stanley.

During consideration of a taxpayer's tax refund claim, or after he or she files a Tax Court Petition, the taxpayer will have additional opportunities to meet with the IRS Appeals Office to seek settlement. Absent settlement, Matt will litigate the case for you in the forum selected.

After liability for tax, interest and/or penalties has been extablished, the collection process introduces a variety of issues, procedures and solutions unique to tax collection activities. Those involve settlement opportunities such as the IRS Offer in Compromise process, payment agreements and enforced collection procedures such as liens, property seizures and the like. We have many years of experience with tax collection matters.

The foregoing has primarily addressed the federal tax civil process. The various state tax agencies have administrative procedures that may differ in detail from IRS procedures, but track cases from taxpayer contact, audit, settlement, litigation and collection in chapters similar to the federal process. We have handled state tax matters not only in Washington, but also in Oregon, California, Arizona, Oklahoma and Idaho.

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